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Ligasure, a vessel sealing device used in veterinary surgical procedures

Vessel sealing devices are advanced electrosurgical instruments utilized in veterinary medicine to seal blood vessels during surgical procedures. The Voyant Vessel Sealer by VetOvation, for instance, employs radiofrequency energy for vessel sealing, eliminating the need for manual ligatures or cautery.

These devices offer several advantages:

  • They ensure a clear operating field with reduced blood, debris, or char.

  • They minimize the risk of bleeding complications, such as hemorrhaging.

  • They decrease surgery time.

  • They prevent damage to nearby tissues and organs.

Vessel sealing devices find versatile applications in veterinary clinics:

Spay and Neuter Procedures: These devices are highly effective in spaying and neutering surgeries, providing precise and rapid sealing of blood vessels during reproductive organ removal.

Orthopedic Surgeries: In intricate orthopedic procedures like fracture repairs or joint surgeries, vessel sealers offer reliable vessel sealing, allowing veterinarians to focus on the procedure's details confidently.

Tumor Resection: Tumor removal surgeries in animals can be complex due to
delicate tissues and blood vessel networks. Vessel sealing devices aid in
minimizing blood loss, reducing trauma to healthy tissues, and promoting faster
healing, thereby enhancing surgical outcomes.

Overall, vessel sealing devices play a crucial role in various veterinary surgical
procedures by contributing to shorter recovery times and improved outcomes.

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