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Judith WallaceJudith Wallace

We have had many pets to the GBAH over the years and have found both the staff and Dr. Shah compassionate to the pets they serve and that means a lot to us. I think we have not just a folder but a file cabinet there! Every animal we have taken has been given the best treatment possible. In the sad event of having to put one of our pets down, many times the attending staff has cried along with us. That is not business as usual and it means much in such a difficult time. We would highly recommend them to anyone wishing the best for their fur baby.

Jen CooperJen Cooper

We fell in love with the entire staff the first time we brought our adopted puppy in. Dr Shah is great. My puppy Tucker absolutely fell in love with Dr Sherping. Great place, highly recommend, and Tucker says 5 plus many more stars!

Trish ReibertTrish Reibert

Took great care of my dog, and took the time to explain everything to us. Price was very reasonable.

Sarah JohnsonSarah Johnson

Some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, caring, compassionate, and just all around good people. Thank you and me and the furry babies will see you soon.

Ellen EndresEllen Endres

This is a photo of my Picasso and Finnegan after their morning playtime. Picasso was neutered yesterday and Finnegan had his first vet visit.

Susanne CasterlineSusanne Casterline

Dr. Shah will always hold a very special place in my heart for being so gentle w/my beloved 21+ year old Siamese & best friend & our beloved yellow lab. His honesty and gentle ways cannot be topped. He helped to make the decisions none of us want to make, but ultimately must at some point. You rock, Dr. Shah!

Tammy WesleyTammy Wesley

Awesome group of ladies and most of all awesome Doctors.

Michele Hall-BoyerMichele Hall-Boyer

Thanks to Dr. Shah and A Awesome Surgeon and staff My Munchkin is ALIVE at this very moment !! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AWESOME PLACE!!! Thank you all for your kindness and understanding that my fury child means the WORLD TO ME ...

Lisa Jeanne WilsonLisa Jeanne Wilson

Extremely grateful for what a great group of people. Especially Dr. Shah you have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for all you've done.

Valerie GarrettValerie Garrett

I loveeeee the staff here! They love my dogs and always seem excited when they visit!

Elizabeth MurphyElizabeth Murphy

We had to put our beloved down yesterday. Very grateful to Dr. Suzanne Scherping for her compassion.

Jamie EngelsJamie Engels

Such a wonderful place!!!!

Daneen MeloiaDaneen Meloia

Dr Shah is the best vet I've ever gone to. Couldn't trust him more. The staff are all wonderful as well. True story.

Irena Jayne BanksIrena Jayne Banks

I've been bringing my dogs here for over 10 years and have always received excellent care from incredibly compassionate and caring staff. Even when our dogs died, they expressed so much sympathy and compassion and handled the arrangements for us. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could.

Debbie E.Debbie E.

The vets and staff are the very best anywhere. Period.
Every pet I have brought here loves Dr Krebs and the love is always returned.
I've been using this...

Sheryl MclaughlinSheryl Mclaughlin

Glen Burnie Animal Hospital has cared for all of my Dogs, until their natural death. They are Fantastic and my dogs have loved them.

Jesse RemelyJesse Remely

My little Rita is only 8lbs, but she can be 8lbs of fury that sounds like tearing canvas. These people gave her a lot of love. I've only met Dr Scherping, but she was professional, thorough, and attentive. An introduction worthy of this review.

Miriam SteinerMiriam Steiner

I met Dr Krebs 2007 during an emergency. My cat Loki was not himself- howling and in obvious pain. I call GBAH and they got me in right away. They had explained everything so that I could make an informed decision. Unfortunately, he couldn't be saved. But Dr Krebs and his staff we're there and so caring! I began to bring my Bonnie to Dr Krebs and he was so gentle and wonderful with her. She really didn't mind him at all. Even during the treatments that she ( or any if us) would find undignified.
When she needed bladder surgery, Dr Krebs was thoughtful of my financial needs. He understood that it was a financial burden and allowed my to make payments. Not many offices will allow you to do that!

When I found my Bonnie one morning, not moving and in obvious distress, the office got me in as soon as they could. Dr Shah was wonderfully attentive and thorough. He explained everything, gave me the financials so there were no hidden costs and explained why he recommended certain tests. Unfortunately, it was her time and the office recognized how hard it is to lose a family member. After Bonnie was gone, I received a card- handwritten- telling me how sorry they were for my loss. That touched me so much and it really has stuck with me. In a great way!

I keep coming back because of the great staff. Just recently I brought in my 2 youngest-Ash and Mao. Dr Krebs was more than gentle and patient with both of them. But Ash still got his point across to Dr Krebs that he was protesting the exam- by gently moving the Dr's hand with no claws extended. I know they trust him, I do.

The office recognizes that taking care if family members who are furry and have four legs is financially a big responsibility. I love the fact that they understand that. I am not taking my "kids" to see the vet; I am taking them to visit friends. I have never had a bad experience with them and will continue to see Dr Krebs because of his caring nature- for both animal and parent alike.

Thank you GBAH for your wonderful service and caring staff!!!! I will be seeing you all for years to come for all my "kids". If you want the best for your "kids", don't hesitate to make an appointment.

Laura M PattonLaura M Patton

I have taken 3 pets (2 dogs and a cat) there over the past 20 years. They are very kind and gentle with the animals. They are always cheerful when you call or visit. They are also patient and sympathetic when the pets are hurt or sick.

Sarah StockhausenSarah Stockhausen

The people who work here actually care about your pet and do their best to treat them when they are sick. I used to take my dog to Banfield and they didn't care about my dog at all. This place is much better.

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