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Signs You Might Be a Reptile Person

May 01, 2020

Reptiles are not as popular as dogs and cats, but they definitely have some devoted fans. Here, a Pasadena, MD vet lists a few indications that you might be a reptile lover. 

You Like Staying Indoors

There are some definite benefits to walking Fido, aside from simple sanitation purposes. However, some people just prefer to stay in once they get home. You don’t really have to worry about walking your reptile.

You Enjoy Quiet

Reptiles don’t make much noise. That makes them a good fit for those who like their homes on the quiet side.


You also don’t have to worry about playing with or training reptiles. They’re fine just doing what reptiles do naturally. Some reptiles only eat once or twice a week!

You’re Good At Swatting Flies

You may have heard the saying that pets take after their humans. Are you particularly skilled at batting flies? You may have something in common with your scaled pal!

You Don’t Mind Creepy Crawlies

Diet is often a dealbreaker when it comes to adopting reptiles. Many reptiles eat things we often find depicted in Halloween decorations, like spiders, worms, and even mice. If you’re fine with the thought of regularly picking up live bugs or frozen mice, you may be a reptile person!

You Have Allergies

Fur and dander can cause reactions in many people. However, reptiles are much easier on those who have allergies.

You Enjoy Enviroscapes

Properly done, reptile habitats are very fascinating and eye-catching centerpieces. If the idea of having a pet with a miniature jungle, desert, or aquascape for a habitat appeals to you, you may enjoy a reptile.

You See Character

Our reptilian pals do express themselves through behavior and body language, even if not everyone sees it. A bearded dragon may not be as charismatic as a puppy, but he can still be a little ham in his own way.

You Think They’re Cute

Last but certainly not least, another indication that you would be a good reptile owner is just being able to appreciate how cute, charming, and, yes, personable these guys can be.


Reptiles have some wonderful advantages, but they aren’t for everyone. Do plenty of research before adopting one. Also, make sure you have a great vet that handles them.

Please contact us, your Pasadena, MD vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help! 

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